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Raymond Parker was the founder of the NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy.Ray Parker Founder


Ray worked in the counsellor role for almost 60 years and throughout his career, had been a Pastoral Counsellor, a High School Counsellor, a Private Counsellor, and had been involved with Clinical Hypnotherapy for over 30 years. In the first 25 years of his working life he saw large numbers of clients for pastoral, educational vocational problem counselling, however there were times when he became disappointed with the number of times that he needed to see clients for appointments and he felt there had to be a better way of increasing successful outcomes in better timeframes.


Through a tragic accident that happened to Ray’s wife, he saw the results that she achieved through hypnosis, and he became determined to find out more about hypnosis. As there were no suitable hypnotherapy training institutes available in NZ, he sought training in Australia and after gaining qualifications in Sydney and then in the United States, he immediately left the teaching profession and set to work operating a Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practice in Auckland.


Ray’s previous experience over the twenty five odd years previously working with people in various counselling situations stood him in good stead, and he found his counselling skills were able to help him in understanding the nature of the client’s problems.


However in order to affect the change in behaviour that the clients wanted and needed, in a rapid timeframe, this is where hypnosis came in, and by being able to access the client’s subconscious mind, in conjunction with counselling, Ray was able to see rapid and successful change taking place. Over the years since, he worked with thousands of clients in a variety of situations and have had the privilege of seeing so many clients have great success with Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Ray then felt there was a need to establish a professional hypnotherapy training establishment in New Zealand. Firstly he travelled overseas for six months, visiting hypnotherapy schools and colleges, and then after visiting 30 countries, he came back to New Zealand and started the NZ School of Hypnotic Science in 1984, which is now the NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy. And along with his daughter, Donna-Maree, the school has moved from strength to strength and recently has incorporated a new course in the curriculum available for people already working within the counseling profession who wish to add Clinical Hypnotherapy to their scope of practice.
Since Ray’s passing in April 2014, the school continues to provide education for its current student base and welcomes new students who wish to upgrade their learning in this valuable area.