NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Courses in Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy

About the School

The School has been in operation since 1984, firstly under the name of the “NZ School of Hypnotic Science” and later becoming the “NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy”.


Over the years the School has continued to revise and develop its training methods and course components. It has been and always will be the view of the School, that in order to be a competent clinical hypnotherapist, you must have sufficient knowledge and training.


Over the years the length and depth of the Course has continued to grow and the Directors and Staff are committed to providing professional clinical hypnotherapy training that will assist students to become competent and successful clinical hypnotherapy practitioners.


This is very important as not only are the Directors and Staff of the School passionate about hypnotherapy and hypnosis, they are committed to seeing this very effective modality flourish in New Zealand, but also most importantly that the public of New Zealand have access to well trained and competent practitioners, who will assist them to lead happier and more successful lives.


The School has a very close association with the NZ Society of Clinical & Applied Hypnotherapy Inc, an organization that was created by the School’s founder. Whilst the School and the Society are separate entities, the Directors and Staff of the School are closely involved with the activities of the Society, and the Society and the School share common goals and objectives for clinical hypnotherapy practice and for the future of clinical hypnotherapy in New Zealand.


The School also has membership of the Natural Health Council (NZ) Ltd.

Associations such as this are very important as one of the School’s objectives is to promote high standards for training for natural therapies practice in general, and this objective is one that is shared with both of these organizations. The School believes it is important to have associations with like minded organizations who share common goals and vision.